Virtual legal secretary, virtual legal administartive


virtual legal secretary is a perfect niche you can specialise in, in your virtual assistant business.

There are so many practices out there that are better off outsourcing their work to a home based legal secretarial service, especially small ones. They don't need office space or equipment, they just outsource the work. I'm sure there are a few in your suburb or town you can begin to contact.

Obviously there is just so much legal transcription work that can and is being outsourced to home based independent contractors these days. The work either comes straight from law firms or from transcription companies. You name it, every form of legal transcription in every area of law is being outsourced.

You may be working in a legal practice now and can talk your employer around to contracting the work out to you instead in your home based independent contractor business. I suggest you put together a cost and benefit proposal to them and include as much detail as possible. My own sister did this and now works for her 'old' law firm two days a week as a contractor and the rest of the time she has other clients and a transcription company she works with.

Law firms should really think about it, either they lose a person with so much knowledge or retain that knowledge and 'sucumb' to the vast benefits of outsourcing to a legal secretarial service.

Virtual secretarial services are good alternatives to full-time or even part-time office staffs since you do not have to worry about a lot of things. Best of all, you can always hire proficient office staffs based on their specialties with lesser cost.

Among all virtual jobs, the virtual secretarial servicesoffer the broadest job tasks. These include but are not limited to communication, data encoding, receptions, report generation, professional writing, and research.

Thus, what are the advantages of availing into virtual secretarial services or hiring a virtual secretary? Here is a list:

·It is cost effective

Availing into virtual assistant services is really cost effective. You do not have to pay taxes and you only have to pay your virtual secretaries with their time spent on work.

• Specialized Services

You can easily hire virtual secretaries with specific or specialized job descriptions. This means that you can easily filter or screen online job applicants based on your needs. On the other hand, you can easily focus or streamline the jobs that you want your virtual secretary to do making your virtual secretary more efficient to the tasks.

·It is more on a Project Basis

There comes a time when your direct office staffs find it difficult to accomplish a certain project especially when the project is too big to handle. However, it is also unwise to hire another staff since the need is only temporary. Thus, hiring a virtual executive assistant or a virtual secretary in a certain project is the best solution. In this way, you are not going to struggle in keeping an extra staff member when you do not need one.

·No Overhead expenses

This is one of the cost-efficient advantages of the virtual office assistance or the virtual secretarial service – you do not pay for overhead expenses. Think of all those office spaces, papers, pens, and chairs since you do not need them anymore. Think of how much you can save.